Julie Morrison, is a visual artist & research practitioner who’s work identifies cultural theory and people’s relationships within society. 

Master of Arts Degree (Merit) The University of Central Lancashire

Bachelor of Arts Degree (2:1) The University of Chester

PGCE- Currently studying for her Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Julie lectures at The University of Central Lancashire and is a guest speaker at Preston College as part of her on going teacher training. 

Julie is also a member of MAP Collective, a collective group based in the Northwest of England. Exhibitions and publications by Map Collective explore the visual effects of  the Anthropocene and current changes to our planet. 

Exhibitions Dates for 2017

October- November 2017 - Harris Museum, Preston, A modern visual reflection of the original Beattie Water Collections. 

September 2017 - PR1 Gallery,Preston, West Bank Boyz, A visual representation of the male culture living under Israel occupation in Hebron and Bethlehem. 

March 2017 - PR1 Gallery, Preston,MAP Collective, photographic landscape imagery that highlights the effects ofthe Anthropocene and changes of the world we live in.

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