This work explores a visual representation of a male culture that has become isolated through aggressive control from both the Israeli Defence Force and the local Israeli Settlers. Across Israel/Palestine, the mobility and elasticity of space in the West Bank changes daily. The ability to move freely around your home town becomes increasingly difficult.

Since 2016 the Israeli Defense Force have increased the number of checkpoints and security measures drastically, in their attempt to reduce terrorist attacks in the area, protecting both Israeli legal and illegal settlers. A one two-one ratio, doubles up the number of Israelis within the area so, for every Israeli Settler a military officer is deployed from the Israeli defence force to protect them.

Large numbers of Israeli settlers continue to attack, threaten and illegally take property from Palestinian families as the expansion of the occupied territories increases and protection is only one sided. Each portrait identifies a personal connection of each man or boy’s surroundings, beliefs and historical Palestinian values. Portraying a positive message of protection over their environment, why they feel strongly against the current situation in Israel/Palestine and how they will go to great lengths to protect their homes. Each person I photographed resented the occupation and expressed their concerns for the safety of their families to me.

By restricting their ability to be able to leave their homes adds pressure to their lives, creating tension and unsettlement. This can then result in retaliation to those around them or those preventing them the right to freedom. A variation of ages from young to old highlights the effects within the society through each portrait. Visibility of the Israeli Occupation tends to be one sided, with the media continually protecting the Israeli defence force from what is going on across the West Bank. These images define a stance against the occupation creating a message of strength, hope and positivity for the people of Palestine.

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